Complete Hire Equipment Catalogue


Floor Stripper

This sturdy and powerful 1.5hp Floor Stripper will remove glued carpet, vinyl, vinyl tiles and glue residue from floors quickly and efficiently, leaving a smooth, clean surface.

Floor Tile Breaker

This portable tool is ideal for breaking away ceramic tiles and also glued down hardwood floors. This ergonomic tool focuses on reducing physical effort. Thanks to its design and its wide range of angles, the Eddy Tile Breaker tool provides a comforta- ble working position for the operator.

Plaster Board Sander

This Drywall Sander is used for sanding newly fixed plaster- board and blue board seams, joins, corners and patches on ceilings and walls quickly and effectively. Features a cush- ioned, swivel sanding head that adjusts to all angles. Effective reach of 3m. Coupled with a vacuum it makes this task a very clean one.

Wall Paper Steamer

These units are used for the removal of paper and vinyl wall coverings. An electric element produces steam to melt and dissolve wallpaper adhesives through a hand held wand.

Airless Sprayer

An electric powered professional paint sprayer that uses high pressure without compressed air, allowing large areas to be painted very quickly with minimal over spray.

All Specifications shown are approximate and may vary slightly depending on make & model and are subject to manufacturers change without notice.

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