Complete Hire Equipment Catalogue


Secret Nailer

This nail gun is for fastening tongue and groove flooring without exposing nails or holes. Mallet actuation tensions boards before compressed air fires the staples. It’s designed for all-day use with an ergonomic long handle and a comfortable rubber grip.

Pop Riveter

Hand tool specifically designed to join sheet metal or other light metals and alloys using a small ex- pandable rivet. Used in conjunction with an air compressor.

Plasterboard Screw Gun

This automated tool if for driving self drilling screws into panelling, plasterboard, fibro sheet & blue board to timber and pressed steel frames.

Wood Planers

Planers are typically used for a variety of timber dressing projects . Able to remove 3mm per pass with a cut width of 75mm.



Angle 5

Angle 9




Blade Size

125 mm

230 mm

Depth Cut

41 mm

80 mm

All Specifications shown are approximate and may vary slightly depending on make & model and are subject to manufacturers change without notice.

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